1. Scientific Database Supporting Innovative Therapies – BINWIT. Budget: 18 867 895.65 PLN. The project covers digitization, database construction and digital access to selected scientific resources of the Institute of Immunology and Experimental Therapy (IITD). The project digitizes the genetic data of bacteriophages and their hosts, imaging data of mesenchymal stem cells and other biological data. Genetic data of bacteriophages are analyzed with the use of specially prepared algorithms using machine learning.

  2. “Implementation of the immunogenetic database of the Polish population MultiGenBank” Funded under POIG 2007-2013. The project included the creation of a genetic database with analytical tools. Budget PLN 8,600,000.

  3. Implementation of an interoperable electronic scientific platform of the Polish Collection of Microorganisms. Projects related to the development of information resources Project no. POIG.02.03.02-00-005 / 10. Budget PLN 2,480,000