At IITD PAN, many research projects are carried out in which machine learning algorithms are used to analyze biological data such as genomic sequence data, transcriptomic data, image data or other data characterizing biological molecules, cells or whole organisms. A research project, “Molecular characterization of cancer cells – analysis of transcriptomes and epigenetic data”, is carried out at the Laboratory of Genomics & Bioinformatics. The main goal is to use data from high-throughput sequencing to develop a molecular model of cancer cells. For this purpose, we use supervised machine learning algorithms.

The Laboratory of Instrumental Analysis and Preparation, basing on the data obtained from the JEOL F200 transmission microscope and the Cryo-EM instrumentation, implements the project of analyzing protein structures by crayomicroscopy. In this project, structures are generated from image data using software based on machine learning algorithms.

The Laboratory of Microbial Immunochemistry and Vaccines uses AI procedures to analyze data describing pathogen glycan antigens. Data is obtained from the NMR 600 spectroscope.